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After 3.5 years of continous work, 3.5 years of lack of sleep and 3.5 years apologizing to my kids and my wife for spending too less time with them, my book Datenanalyse für Naturwissenschaftler, Mediziner und Ingenieure (it was written in German) was published by Springer Spektrum. The idea of writing this book was mainly driven by the finding that quite a few scientists, medical people and also engineers have a rather loose understanding of data analysis and statistics. Even if they had corresponding lectures at university, they might know the theory but often struggle with data analysis in a practical sense. Many know how to use Excel but hardly know any statistics program or programming language. Some might have done a linear regression in Excel but don’t know how to perform a non-linear regression in Excel. In my book I show that, in many cases, knowing advanced software tools is not necessary and that data analytic problems can often be solved with this (or other) spreadsheet tool(s). All examples and excercises in the book were done in Excel but might also be done with other spreadsheet tools like LibreOffice Calc (The Document Foundation).
Of course, maybe at some point it might be more straightforward and efficient to use other software tools (I am myself a fan of MATLAB, Python and R), but I favoured Excel for the book since (i) most people know how to use it, (ii) it is present on many computers and (iii) with Excel one gets immediate feedback from intermediate calculations (i.e. it is no black-box software). Please note that video tutorials are included to support the reader in doing the examples and excercises.

If you buy or borrow the book, I would highly appreciate your feedback and would be happy to answer any question. Please contact me directly and I will try to answer asap.

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Book Data Analysis for Scientists

Dr. Mario Schneider

Mario is an analytical chemist with a strong focus on chemometrics and scientific data analysis. He holds a PhD in biophysics and is the author of a book on data analysis for scientists. In his spare time he is a MATLAB, R, Excel and Python enthusiast and experiments with machine learning algorithms.

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