Data Analysis for Life Scientists

24 lessons
5 quizzes
17 students

While natural scientists are keen to do their practical work in the lab, they often struggle when performing their data analysis being an important step towards correct scientific reasoning. One common reason is that there was no course on data analysis during their degree program at university. In this course you’ll become familiar with common data analytical concepts and empower you to analyze and interpret your results with confidence and present them to other researchers or stakeholders. We favor a learning by doing approach and hope you consider the exercises (in Excel) and quizzes as challenges rather than obstacles. You can get your dedicated Data Analysis for Life Scientists Certificate when you completed this course.
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Dr. Mario Schneider

Mario is an analytical chemist and biotechnologist with a strong focus on chemometrics and scientific data analysis. He holds a PhD in biophysics and is the author of a book on data analysis for scientists. In his spare time he is a MATLAB, R, Excel and Python enthusiast and experiments with machine learning algorithms.