We can support you with many years of experience in working in multidisciplinary teams. Your project is more to us than just a source of money.

We are scientists, and as such, we are highly motivated in helping you to solve your scientific problem and to increase the state of knowledge that has a positive impact on the society.

We have project planning and grant managing experience and can thus accompany you through long-term or short-term projects. Even if you only have a single question, feel free to contact us.

We know that data analysis can feel overwhelming and we know about useful and defendable data analysis methods. From software prototypes up-to full-grown software solutions. Your problem becomes our problem and together we find a solution that helps you to proceed. We are used to work with MATLAB, R, Python, Maple, GraphPad Prism and Excel, but we might easily switch to another software environment to get your data analysis done. We have dedicated experience in the following areas.

Life Sciences / Biotechnology

Pharmacology / Medicine

Chemical- and Food Technology